Our Story

Hello! Welcome to DM Bakery Cafe. We’re just a humble, family-run bakery who loves seeing everyone enjoying our freshly baked breads and cakes. We started this little bakery to make my Mom’s dream come true. You see, my Mom has always loved baking cakes and pastries. She has been baking …

Our Specials

Hot Food

Hungry? We serve tasty Western favourites on weekday nights and all-day meals on weekends. Come try it out!

Baked Goodies

We have everything from pastries, puffs, tarts and breads– all freshly made in-store!


If you would like to reserve a table, please call us at:

+011 1021 7889

Host your parties and celebrate with us!


Catering & Customization

Planning a party? For catering or cake customization requests, please contact us!